Weekend Reads: WPLongform Picks

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For people who love language and the strange, wonderful things it can do, few things are more pleasurable than diving into a well-crafted piece of writing. Since the introduction of the WPLongform tag a couple of months ago, the task of finding such writing has become that much easier.

Follow the WPLongform tag on the Reader, and you’ll see that dozens of bloggers have made it a home for their in-depth, rich narratives. This week’s WPLongform Picks are no exception: radically different in topic, style, and format, they all present us with a remarkably sustained voice, a powerful use of narrative, and an unwavering attention to structure. They blew us away.


If you ever need proof that good writing can transform the most unexpected material into compelling storytelling, look no further than this post on Rose Glace’s Blog. We barely ever leave the confines of a school’s outdated…

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